25 reasons to travel right now

Some experience an irresistible craving for cultural values. Others prefer silently admiring the sunset over the ocean. The reasons for all are different. The editors of the Rough Guides website interviewed readers and compiled a list of 25 comments that prompted you to go on a journey right now.

  1. When traveling, love and thirst for life wake up (Amandeep Mathur, Facebook).
  2. When traveling, you can try something new every day (@devourmalaga, Twitter).
  3. Only on travel can you meet a lot of “your own” people who will leave a big imprint and inspire for something more (Lee Morgan, Facebook).
  4. Travels give you an experience you would never have at home (Diane Nichols, Facebook).
  5. In travels, every new turn is already a memory (@ wanderingangel67, Instagram).
  6. Travel makes you appreciate what we already have (Judise Gonzales, Facebook).
  7. Thanks to travel, you start to look at the world differently (@Catdui, Twitter).
  8. Traveling allows you to look at life through new prisms and cast doubt on our concepts of the familiar (@nathanthoen, Instagram).
  9. I love traveling because traveling gives a feeling of complete freedom. Traveling allows you to escape from “ordinary” life, see what you saw only in the movies, try new things and meet new people (Aleksandra Ka, Facebook).
  10. Travel broadens the world and fills the soul (Lynne Nash, Facebook).
  11. Traveling is like dreaming in reality (@Mark_Selleck, Twitter).
  12. Travel allows you to learn more than any book has to offer (Mary Faith Phillips, Facebook).
  13. Only when traveling do I feel truly alive. It inspires new adventures and quests. Traveling helps a lot to arouse a greater interest in life (Andy Haverson, Facebook).
  14. Thanks to travel, we take a fresh look at ourselves and the world, they restore our faith in what everyday life made us doubt (@robynjbell, Twitter).
  15. Traveling gives you the freedom to be yourself (Jo Swabey, Facebook).
  16. Each journey is a challenge to their own consciousness (Kelly McCann Photography, Facebook).
  17. While traveling, everyone recalls that a person is, first of all, a researcher (@rebeccaarosenthal, Instagram).
  18. Only when traveling do you understand that you can live differently (Andrew Mcdiarmid, Facebook).
  19. Traveling is the best way to learn something new (@jfbartley, Instagram).
  20. I like to travel because you can learn and love new cultures, see stunning landscapes and reconsider your attitude to what you already have (Sonia Teruel, Facebook).
  21. When traveling, you understand what real freedom is (Angelica Agront, Facebook).
  22. Exit from social networks, you will not learn anything about the world in them (@LimaGourmetTour, Twitter).
  23. I learned a lot more when traveling than I did at school (Vincent Lim Sui-leong, Facebook).
  24. I love traveling because I like the way it changes our minds (Kim Ryan, Facebook).
  25. I love to travel because I get better at it, my wallet is easier, and my life is brighter (Ramya Tirumalai, Facebook).

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