6 best places for a beginner surfer

But if the waves are on your side, then the chances of learning how to catch waves are still quite high. We have compiled a selection of places where the easiest way to learn to ride.

Byron Bay, Australia

The advantage of Byron Bay, in the first place, is that you can catch waves here all year round. There are many surfing schools and an amazing atmosphere that will make the learning process even easier and more enjoyable.

La Hoya, California

La Jolla Coast, located in the heart of one of the most famous cities in this region – San Diego, can offer excellent waves and professional beach instructors. In addition, dolphins and sea lions can swim with you.

When the lesson is finished, go practice balance in one of the closest caves.

Legian, Bali, Indonesia

Legian is considered to be cleaner and less tourist than neighboring Kuta, and the atmosphere here is much more pleasant. The waves are breaking quite close to the shore, which means that there will be much more practice than rowing. In the low season, you can be almost the only surfer, and all the waves can belong only to you.

Beware of individual lessons from local ones, it is better to contact a certified school.

Hossegor, France

Kilometers of sandy beaches made Hossegor the capital of European surfing. There are more than 20 schools here, so finding an instructor is not a big problem. However, as well as finding housing: there are both camps and villas in the best traditions of the Basque. Hossegor is also famous for its cuisine, so treat yourself after a productive workout.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo was one of the most popular surfing destinations among Americans, however, little has changed today. Great sea, luxurious jungle and a large selection of hotels for every taste – that’s what surfers love this place for.

It is best to come between December and April.

Musenburg South Africa

For many, surfing in South Africa is associated with sharks, but these are prejudices: the likelihood of meeting someone in the water is very low. In Musenburg, simple waves are what a beginner needs. In addition to tourism and surfing, Musenburg is also known for the fact that there are plenty of opportunities for volunteering.

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