6 mistakes that a true traveler will never make

Just conceived of everything conceived with the earth can be literally at the click of a finger. Read more at wildatheartrescue.org blog. In this article, we talk about how to turn a dream trip into a spoiled vacation.

Wave your hand for a time between connecting flights

The surest way to frustrate your plans is to decide that 45 minutes will be enough for a transplant. This is actually a very bad idea. Keep in mind that at large airports, the exits are at a decent distance from each other – the chances of getting lost and being late for departure or being left without luggage are very high. Do not take risks and do not rely on airline arithmetic. Allow at least 90 minutes for transplantation. And at some airports, you also need to lay another hour to go through the queues.

Save by staying in the suburbs

A recipe for a broken vacation is not without a hotel, a 30-minute drive from the city center. In the short term, you will certainly benefit, but in the long run – a spoiled vacation. First, you have to spend precious time traveling. Secondly, the cost of travel in public transport, for example, in European countries will reduce all savings to nothing.

Try to fit everything on your trip at once

If you think that Europe is not so big, and all the important cities can be visited in a day or two, you are mistaken. Of course, no one bothers you to visit Rome, Paris, and London for one day. But what’s the point? What will remain in your memory after such a marathon?

Do what tourists should, and not what you want

Going on a journey with the intention of performing all the necessary rituals like visiting the Louvre or taking pictures against the background of the Leaning Tower of Pisa? Great idea! But do you really want this? If not, it is better to immediately abandon the venture. Your trip belongs only to you. If you want to impressively sit all day in a cafe – please! No one will blame you.

Visit the first restaurants you get

Inattention and excessive gullibility will give you a spoiled vacation. During the tourist seasons, those locals enrich themselves who set traps on naive foreigners. Before heading into the city, do a little research: study blogs and read reviews on the Internet about establishments. In order not to overpay for a bright sign, you should have an idea of ​​the price level in local restaurants.

Choose a hotel only according to the information in the ad

Another trap for tourists – sparkling photos on the websites of hotels and phrases of the form “The window overlooks the ocean. If you want to know how things are in reality, look for traveler reviews and the pictures they made.

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