Vacation against social networks

Instagram and Facebook should know about your every step. A beautiful door, a cup of coffee, an ivy wall or your knees against the sea? You simply have to photograph it, find the Internet and put it on the net. Is that familiar? If so, sit back and get ready to read this article from beginning to end. We know how to deal with it.

Vacation is a time to relax and discover something new. Spend time with loved ones, and if traveling alone – time to be alone with yourself or, conversely, make new friends. No need to constantly update the feed and watch all the videos with the cats that your friends liked. And let’s admit – if you find out about the wedding of a classmate that you don’t even communicate with, a week later, no one will die.

Our 9 tips are written to get you off the net into the real world. It’s great here: there are filters only in some coffee machines, comments are ordinary conversations, and you can just like a stranger with a smile.

Remove social media apps from your smartphone

Seriously, all to one. Delete them at least for the duration of the vacation, return and restore. This is the easiest and most guaranteed way not to be captured by social networks on vacation.

Turn off notifications

If the first point is too radical for you, and you can’t sometimes please your Instagram followers with your satisfied selfies, at least get rid of notifications. You have a vacation! Are the every minute updates from twitter, facebook and Instagram so important? Do you really want to wake up in the middle of the night from a notification that some type from your work like your post two years ago?

Buy a disposable camera (yes, they still exist)

No one disputes that a phone with a camera is a quick and convenient way to take a photo. But it’s much more interesting to take a pair of disposable cameras with you and take pictures in the old way. You will be much more attentive to each shot, just do not overdo it with filters, and wait for pictures from print – another little adventure and a great end to your vacation.

Upload pictures when you get home

Do people really need to see a photo of your legs (even with a very beautiful pedicure) on a cobblestone street right now? This very second? Let’s be honest: no. Stop worrying that your virtual friends will get bored and unsubscribe from you, better go to the beach and build a sandcastle with some of your real friends.

Send postcards

Instead of reporting your vacation online, why not focus on the people you care about and send them a real paper card? If you choose a beautiful one, it will linger on their refrigerator for a long time, and not just flash in the news feed.

Keep a diary

Some people use social networks as an online memory diary. But there are other ways to store travel information. Take a regular diary with you and try to take notes every day. Save it, and in a few years, you will have something to remember. An additional bonus: the diary can be used as a convenient place to store tickets and other necessary papers that will be useful to you on a trip. And then all these tickets can be pasted on the pages, painted and made a real art book!

Do not use wifi

Believe it or not, once you didn’t use the Internet at all outside the home. This time is over, but why not remember it? When you first come to a hotel or restaurant, try not to ask for a wi-fi password, unless this is absolutely necessary, such as responding to an urgent letter about work. Because we know how it works: I just check the mail for a second. And what about Instagram? Oh, how many new blog comments, everyone needs to answer!

Travel where there is no internet

If you have seriously decided to get rid of dependence on social networks for the duration of your vacation, you can conduct a “digital detox” and go on a trip to places where there is no Internet access at all.

Get rid of addiction: leave your smartphone at home

Are you so scared that you almost spilled coffee on your iPhone? Listen to the end. If you really decide to get rid of social networks for the holidays, buy a cheap button phone and take it with you instead of a smartphone. Thus, you can call if necessary, but there will be no way to enter the network.

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